Sunday, October 10, 2010


Watercolour A3

Continuing from Free Fall I used the image of a praying woman in a similar way. There is something lonely and eerie about it and the paint is fragmented in a way akin to the visual effects of the scans I have been looking at.


  1. Hi Robert - I was looking at Daniel Richters paintings before the seminar and then when you presented I thought it could be something relevant to you in some way. Perhaps just good to look at. Maybe you know his work already.

    Like this painting for example;

    I can lend you a book if you like.

  2. Hey Lewis, I didn't read that properly at first and assumed you meant Gerhard Richter! this other Richter looks very interesting I would very much like to see this book. I thought you might like Hernan Bas and Egon Schiele but I expect you already know them well


  3. It's okay it's confusing. Well I'll bring it in on Monday and you can borrow it, have a little flick through. I've loved Schieles work for a long time so you've got good taste there; and I do like Hernan Bas - it's good that you mention him because I haven't looked at his work for a while.

    See you later,